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Below are just some of the happy customers we’ve been able to assist...

Show YOU the Money

These guys are the real deal. First they got me a business loan that helped me to increase my business turnover. Mind you, the banks told me to get lost. Then they put together a Construction Loan so I could knock down my old home in Rosebery NSW and build a brand new duplex. I now live in one and rent out the other. Happy days for me thanks to a company who really practices what they preach.

 Brett Ebert - Rosebery NSW


With 60 years of combined industry experience, a few mates and I started a trucking company and even though we had plenty of business, our cashflow seemed to always be tied up. We needed new trucks and new equipment but the company hadn't been running long enough for the banks to lend us any money. We approached this team who not only got us a business loan that kick-started a major growth spurt for the company, but they also did a health check on all of personal mortgages and helped us all to save money on what we were currently paying. Recommend them for sure.

Chris Tucker – Botany NSW

RWE Real Estate

I was after a property to buy in my SMSF. I had no idea where to buy. For the next month, they sent property after property after property until I finally decided on the one I wanted. Nothing was too much trouble. They even negotiated with the developer on my behalf to get a bit knocked off the price. And they got me a rental guarantee as well. It was as if they were working solely for me… and I didn’t have to pay them one cent.  Great service – great company.

Stephen Sciberras – Zetland NSW


Working with this team is an absolute pleasure. They look after everything and they won’t give up until everything is in place. My SMSF is set up, my loan is approved, and RWE found me a property. I couldn’t be happier.

Maia Patira - Melbourne VIC

The Sydney Home Loan Centre

More than 10 loans in the last 10 years… that’s what they’ve been able to do for my wife Brigid and I. We now have a strong property portfolio and with their help, we’ve just purchased our first 2 properties in our SMSF. These guys are the best. Thoroughly recommend them!

 Glenn Badcock - Concord NSW


Let me start with “they are brilliant”. My own bank of 15 years knocked me back on an investment loan. These guys worked out how to make the deal work. Through their real estate company - RWE - they found me the property. Through the finance company they got me the loan. I’m now the proud owner of a brand new investment property in a top-ranking suburb that my own bank says I wasn’t eligible for. Call these guys.

Morad Quadan – Rosemeadow NSW


Check out our TV Commercials...

Below are some of the TV Commercials we've run over the last few years. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and hopefully you'll see this in the advertisements below.