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Loans for Business

Gone are the days when you put your property up as security when your business needed working capital. And thank the lord for that! Too much risk - too much in interest.

Today's business lenders are much more savvy about what a good business needs to make money. They realize that cashflow is king.

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Most lenders now will look at either your last few BAS or 6 months bank statements and then work out how much they can lend you based on your gross income.

They're not interested in looking at historical tax returns that may have no relevance as to where you are today.

If you're turning over good dollars, then you can normally borrow the amount you need. Whether it's for new stock, to pay bills, or to simply cover you through a lean time... our lenders will work with us to get you a good result.

Normal business loans range from $25,000 to $250,000 for unsecured loans (that's right - no property required).

Interest rates for business loans vary and are priced according to risk. Rest assured that we'll work hard to get you the most appropriate loan... and at the best interest rate.

So if you're good at what you do... keep on doing it. And let us do what we're good at... structuring loans to suit individual business needs. Rest assured that if anyone can, it will be us who can Show YOU the Money!

We're here to help, so don't hesitate to make contact if you have questions, or to discuss your particular situation.


Some of the business loans we've put together...