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If you’ve made the decision to RETIRE RICH and you’re ready to setup your Self Managed Super Fund… simply fill out the form below and we’ll come back to you with the following information…

  • Full Scenario including Maximum Loan Amount and Purchase Price based on your information
  • Loan options to suit your situation
  • How to get the SMSF setup underway
  • Access to a list of properties available
  • Or any of the above


Here we go...

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Self Managed Super Fund Set Up Details

Self Managed Super Fund Loan

Self Managed Super Fund Property Details

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Self Managed Super Fund Set Up Details

Our Set Up costs are normally around half that of financial planners. And as part of our service, we look after your Super Fund to ensure it remains ASIC compliant, until you retire.
Morning   Afternoon
Mobile   Email

Self Managed Super Fund Loan Details

We’ll put together a scenario for you based on the information you provided above. If you qualify with more than 1 lender, there will be multiple scenarios to choose from. And if you don’t qualify, we’ll also let you know, so as not to waste your time.
Yes   No
If No, please give an explanation of the blemishes.

Self Managed Super Fund Property Details

The value of the property you can purchase will rely on 3 things:

  1. The loan amount we can get for you based on your Super Contributions
  2. The rental income of the property you’re purchasing
  3. The amount you have in your SMSF account

Based on this information, we’ll find properties for you that will fit within your borrowing power.

NSW   VIC   QLD   WA   ACT   SA 
House & Land   Townhouse   Apartment

If you don’t have any pre-conceived ideas about what or where you’d like to buy, that’s okay as we’ll find the most relevant property options to suit your particular situation. REMEMBER: We do not charge you for this service.

Other information

Like… I’m retiring in 2 years’ time / I’m about to change jobs / I’m currently on probation / I’ve already been knocked back for SMSF loans / etc.

This should be enough information for us to get an understanding of what you’re after and how we can assist. We’ll make contact with you shortly with a plan going forward, to help you achieve your SMSF requirements. You’re in safe hands now.